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Last updated: 6 Jul / 2009

Daniel P. Johnston / 2007; Photo by Peter S. Cohl

Daniel P. Johnston is a graphic designer currently living and working in New York City. In his work, he enjoys many different types of projects (logos and identity systems, books, posters, environments, interactive interfaces, and various other formats for visual communication... even advertising), and he actually gets to do all of these things and more working with a brand consultancy to some of the world's most influential organizations.

Prior to moving to New York, Daniel lived and worked in Seattle, where he grew up. He also went to public school there, all the way from elementary school (Kimball) to college (the University of Washington). He still loves Seattle, but still hates gray, rainy weather that lasts for six or seven months straight—every year.

In addition to design and bright, sunny weather, Daniel enjoys riding and racing bikes. Not the cool ones with engines—the dorky ones with skinny tires. Daniel used to be quite a fast racer, though, competing for many years at the top ranks of national pro/am racing. Unfortunately, due to big-city living and exponential burnout, he's pretty terrible at riding now, but still tries on occasion.

In general, Daniel is a relatively decent guy with an obnoxiously insatiable appetite for bigger and better things.

About / This Web Site

Last updated: 6 Jul / 2009

My Web Site Past

I've had a web site of one form or another for about ten years now. As I alluded to in my note about me, I'm always looking for ways to make things better somehow, and, as such, the concept and aesthetic of the site have evolved, devolved, revolved and resolved several times over the last decade.

My Web Site Present

My primary goal of this version of the site was to offer a more complete spectrum of ways to take in my work. From just thumbnails and basic information about the work in Graphic Imagery divided by eras of my life, to an interactive discussion of the work in the context of my life, in the Graphic Language blog, categorized by type of project, to a list of my life experiences and influences in Graphic Experience, to the Graphic Details directly from and about me (here). I hope that each section is not only informative and entertaining in and of itself, but also adds contextual texture to the other sections.

My Web Site Future

It's been a couple years since I officially entered the blogosphere and I am quite satisfied with the endeavor but, let me tell you, those entries take forever to write in-between 60-hour work weeks and... well, life. Thus, I'm clearly a bit behind on the work (about eight years now), and I've accidentally skipped a few projects, at that. I'll be looking to fill in the gaps and put new projects up for discussion just as fast as my fingers can amble through them. As I do, they will also be added to the Graphic Imagery section for cross-reference.

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Unless otherwise noted, all of the design work, words, and photography were created and/or composed by Daniel P. Johnston and are subject to copyright. If you would like to use any of the material presented here for any reason, please ask. Chances are, Iíll say yes.

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Daniel P. Johnston
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